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A home without dust can’t imagine, right? None of us like to live with dust except those are not reading this article. All of us like to smash the dust around the home. For that, we have to use so many cleaning tools. Today I am going to discuss one of those cleaning tools you are looking for.

Broom is the type of cleaning tools used in different ways all over the homes, garages, and businesses. It’s usually made of stiff fibers connected with a long handle or maybe a short one as well. Moreover, it can be called a long-handled broom with bristles instead of whisk broom. Various materials can be used to make bristles like plastic, hair or corn husk.

Every home should have at least one Broom. Therefore, those homes with a garage or workshop. But you may have some trouble while choosing the best broom in the market of 2018. That’s why I am here with all those consideration and reviews.

Our Top 3 Brooms

Image Details More
O-Cedar Angler Angle Broom with Dust Pan O-Cedar Angler Angle Broom with Dust Pan
O-Cedar Heavy Duty Commercial Corn Broom O-Cedar Heavy Duty Commercial 100% Corn Broom
Feather Sweep Fast N Easy Incredibly Flexible Push Broom Feather Sweep Fast ‘N Easy Incredibly Flexible Push Broom


This article is going to make your life easy for making the right decision according to your need. Let’s meet with our 3 top brooms first:


Best Broom in 2018: Our Top Picks

 O-Cedar Angler Angle Broom with Dust Pan

O-Cedar Angler Angle Broom with Dust Pan

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This eco-friendly O-Cedar Angler Angle Broom comes up with double bristle technology. It is great for cleaning large debris along the walls and able to reach out all the hard corners as well as under the cabinets with the long angled soft bristles.

If you are looking for a long-term investment, then pick this best indoor broom. It will work for years and sweep almost everything that in its path.

  • The only one problem you may face with the attached dustpan. Most of the user refused to use that dustpan. But don’t worry, few others are still happy with that.



O-Cedar Heavy Duty Commercial 100% Corn Broom

O-Cedar Heavy Duty Commercial Corn Broom

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The O-Cedar Heavy Duty Commercial Broom comes up with a sturdy and substantial wood handle. It’s a high-quality natural corn husk broom. This best broom is fitted to do all sweeping job both indoor and outdoor. Although, it is best for sweeping garages, workshops, sidewalks, patios and decks.

This fantastic and stylish broom works just like magic. You can feel it the broomstick of Harry Potter. So, what else you are looking for instead of purchasing this magical broom?

  • This one may be a bit larger and heavier than your expectation. That’s why it is great for outdoor usage, but a little bit of carelessness may allow flying the dust while using it indoors.



Feather Sweep Fast ‘N Easy Incredibly Flexible Push Broom

Feather Sweep Fast N Easy Incredibly Flexible Push Broom

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The Feather Sweep Flexible Push Broom is one of the best brooms in the market. It’s coming up with a telescoping handle that, allows you to adjust the height from 37” to 59”. It is fantastic for any kind of household sweeping job. The bristles are made of quality horsehair and super angled 13” soft brush can locate utmost dust from any hard to reach corners.

This super lightweight push broom is also best broom for pet hair and easy to reach under cabinets or furniture.

If you want to make sweeping fun, then consider this Feather sweep fast ‘N Easy Broom.

  • It is not so suitable for outdoor usage. Otherwise, it will rock your household sweeping.


Our experts select these 3 top rated brooms according to their sleek design, materials and working capability. All of them can take care of all kinds of cleaning or sweeping job. You just can order any of those best brooms without any hesitation.


Our experts tried to pick those are master of any cleaning or sweeping job above. But, if you are still confused and looking for more details before choosing one suited your mind, then keep scrolling down for more information and reviews.

 Different Types of Brooms

There are so many different types of brooms available on the market. Not all of them are perfect for all areas. Some of them are great for hard surfaces like wood, tiles, and others are great for the kitchen, hall areas. On the other hand, those are best suited for the cleaning task of a garage, workshop or any other business places.

Now, I am trying to list all those different types of brooms thoroughly along with details. So, you can understand the differences and areas of using them. This guidance will drive you to that type or that one you were exactly looking for. It’s always better to gather information yourself to make any decision than belief in someone else.

Hard Brooms

Hard brooms are made of stiffer fibers, durable plastics or coconut sticks. They are great to use for hard, crack or split surfaces and sidewalks. This easy to use brooms are mainly used in houses, shops, and hotels.

Soft Brooms

Soft brooms are made of natural fibers like corn and grass. They are great to use both indoor and outdoor depends on their quality. (Corn brooms for outdoor and grass brooms for indoor.) They are lightweight and durable with their fine finishing. Soft Broom also best broom for tile floors

Push Brooms

The Push broom is a long-handled brush that is originated to be pushed for sweeping over. This outdoor broom is great to use as garages, workshops, business places, schools, shops and sidewalks with their sturdy bristles. Also, they are great for long debris, hardwood, and tiles.

Hand Brooms

Not all the brooms are long handled as mentioned earlier. A short-handled broom that is used to perform small and quick job called hand brooms. Hand brooms with dust pans are great for household works.

Whisk Brooms

These brooms are also small in size and used to do small household jobs like hand brooms. The only difference between whisk and hand brooms are the materials they made of. The Whisk Broom also best household brooms.

Angled Brooms

These best indoor brooms are made of soft bristles than the heavy duty brooms. It is the softened version of soft brooms and made to take care of those places can be scratched by using heavy duty brooms. For example tile, marble, wood and other surfaces as like.


So, these are the types of broom you needed to know before picking the one you required. Now, check out another 7 best broom reviews for the money.


7 Best Broom Reviews

Super Sweep 36-Inch Gray Flagged Broom

Super Sweep 36-Inch Gray Flagged Broom

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The Super Sweeper is well constructed and highly durable broom for you. The brush is made of synthetic bristles that, ensure you an easy and quick sweeping on smooth concrete surfaces. It has an unbreakable and truly welded handle to perform a heavy-duty job without any failure. It’s the best broom for cleaning big areas quickly. The Super Sweeper is highly recommended for indoor and outdoor both areas.

  • The only one problem I found that the handle isn’t coated at all. If you use that broom without wearing gloves, then your hand will turn dusky. Overall it’s an awesome broom for picking up the fine dust.



O-Cedar Professional 18″ Rough-Surface Push Broom

O-Cedar Professional 18 Rough-Surface Push Broom

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The O-Cedar Professional Push Broom is one of the best outdoor brooms with sturdy construction. It’s perfect for any outdoor places like sidewalks, decks or patios. The Maxi-Lok technology ensures the security while using roughly. Its Memory Bristles keep up the shape for lifelong dispatch.

It has the supernatural ability to sweep up large debris outside like mulch and soil quickly. If you are finding a heavy-duty outdoor broom, then consider this one without any doubt.

  • This one may scratch your soft surfaces like tile or wood. But, really great for outdoor and rough surfaces. Never think twice to pick this one for rough usage.



Super Sweep 16-Inch Orange Poly Street Broom

Super Sweep 16-Inch Orange Poly Street Broom

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Nothing to say again instead of remarkable about “The Super Sweep” broom. The welded designs guarantee its lifetime longevity.  It has the synthetic bristles to repellent of oil, solvents, and detergents. It is excellent for all kinds of the sweep task of large debris on uneven surfaces as well as smooth concrete.

This one is also great for its durability and strength. Moreover, it can perform quickly than your expectation. You may go for this 16-inch Super Sweep Broom.

  • For its non-coated aluminum handle, it’s necessary to wear gloves before using it. Otherwise, the handle will blacken your hand badly.



FlexSweep Flex-Power Unbreakable Commercial Push Broom

FlexSweep Flex-Power Unbreakable Commercial Push Broom

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The FlexSweep Flex-Power is a heavy duty commercial push broom. It has an aluminum alloyed welded handle that is unbreakable. It is lightweight but strong enough to do the heavy-duty job. This one is best for rough surfaces like shop and garages.

The medium bristles are fair enough to clean out the fine dust from multi surfaces. If you are appreciated to work with high-quality tools, then through all your old broken broom to get this Cadillac broom right away.

  • This is a bit of pricy. But, it will work well then what you pay for the broom.



Detailer’s Choice 6018 Heavy-Duty Push Broom

Detailers Choice 6018 Heavy-Duty Push Broom

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The Detailer’s Choice 6018 Heavy-Duty Push Broom comes up with black and orange recycled PET bristles, which can be used on water, oil, and acid. So, it is an excellent choice broom for both indoor and outdoor projects. Its 60-inch steel handle is rust and corrosion resistant with hanging capability.

It works great for decks, patios, garages, workshops, sidewalks, balconies and so on like that areas. This light-weight but sturdy broom will make your sweeper job easier. Surely, you never have to experience a broken broom again by getting this one.

  • There is nothing serious to note negative for Detailer’s Choice 6018 push broom. If you didn’t get impressed by any above one, then surely can pick it up!



Bissell Hardwood Floor Broom

BISSELL Smart Details Hardwood upright WIde Floor push broom

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“Bissell” is the name of trust as we all know. Bissell Hardwood Floor Broom is none other that. It is one of best broom for easy cleaning task. It has a jointed handle to reach the hard corners or under the cabinets easily. The handle can be folded for hassle-free storing as well. Its soft 3″ horse hair bristles can sweep up the fine dust quick and easily.

It is the best broom for hardwood floors. It will never scratch the surfaces to sweep up all finest particles thoroughly.

  • It may not grasp all the particles with the first sweep for few surfaces, but it can do a great job overall the hard surfaces. The choice is yours now.



Libman Precision Angle Broom with Dustpan

Libman 206 Precision Angle Broom with Dustpan

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The Libman Precision Angle Broom is one of the best indoor brooms for housekeeping duties. Its long and silky flagged fibers can easily suck every household debris like paper, flour, dirt, and pet hair. This one is a well-angled sturdy broom to reach almost all the corners and edges.

It comes up with a beautiful flat dustpan to hold everything the broom sweeps.

  • The handle is a bit longer, so it’s tough to sweep one hand while sweeping the dust into the pan. Go for it!




Broom is one of the daily tools we needed for cleaning indoors or outdoors accordingly. Not all the types are great for both except few we listed here in this best broom article. Hopefully, you got the right one you needed already. If you have any suggestion or recommendation, leave a comment below. We always care about your opinion. Stay tuned with us for more exciting reviews upcoming!!

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